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Medical animation showreel 

Mitosis / Cell division

Medical animation showreel 

Radiotherapy treatment

Neuron pulse 

Partially digested food mixed with digestive juices (chyme)passes through the small intestine

Enhanced colour CT scan data

DNA damage

Human sperm approaching ovum 
360 cross section

A Tokamak is a device which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine plasma in order to create heat from nuclear fusion.

Alveolus of the lungs 

Blood cells passing through blood vessel

Animation depicting Phagocytosis

Human sperm fertilising the ovum 

Human heartbeat  

PIP joint replacement

Dental syringe - product animation

Holographic cell projection 

Alcubierre Drive 

Based on Einstein's equations on how space, time and energy interact, the highly speculative, but possibly valid method of space travel involves stretching the fabric of space-time. In theory using energy to expand and contract space-time around a spacecraft would create a type of "warp bubble" which would effectively allow it to move at faster than light speeds.
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